Walt Darran International Aerial Firefighting Awards Committee


The Walt Darran International Aerial Firefighting Awards are overseen by the Awards Committee.  The interim Awards Committee membership includes:


• A nominee of the International Fire Aviation Working Group

• A nominee of the Associated Aerial Firefighters (of which Walt Darran was Chair)

• A nominee of the Global Fire Monitoring Centre

• Other members as co-opted by the Committee


Awards recipients are recommended by an Awards Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee is appointed by the Awards Committee, or where no separate Selection Committee is constituted, the selection function is undertaken by the Awards Committee.


The Awards are sponsored by Tangent Link Ltd, who agreed to provide publicity and the stage setting for the global aerial firefighting community. 


The Awards Committee are now calling for nominations for the Walt Darran International Aerial Firefighting Awards 2019. The Awards committee will convene as soon as practicable after the close of nominations to consider selection. Key stages of the selection process are:


•  Confirmation of eligibility of nominees

•  Assessment of nominees against the selection criteria

•  Ranking of the candidates, identifying the top five preferred candidates in priority order

•  Ranking is determined by majority committee agreement

•  Confidential communication to the preferred candidate to confirm that the candidate is prepared to accept the award (repeated in order to other preferred candidates if the priority candidate is not able to accept)

•  Acceptance of the Awards is voluntary

•  If there are insufficient nominations or if no candidates are considered suitable in any particular year, the Committee may make decide to make the Awards to a suitable, eligible recipients who have not otherwise been nominated, or make no Awards for that year


2022 Awards Supported by:


Winners will be announced at the Aerial Firefighting North America 2022 Conference Dinner on 22nd March 2022 in San Diego, California, USA: www.aerial-firefighting-northamerica.com